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Jack Nicklaus II

Open For Play (1995)



Bukit Darmo Golf Club Online:



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    "Bukit Darmo is a special course for me because it was the very first opportunity to design a course in Asia. For that and many other reasons, I wanted to design something unique, memorable and enjoyable. When I first visited the site, it reminded me a lot of the terrain back home in Florida, where I grew up and first stated playing golf. The land is basically flat, which some people might see as a negative, but for me as a designer, it is a big positive."

    "With flat land, you are not limited as a designer with ideas, or forced to follow certain design directions the land contour might push you toward. I looked at the land at Bukit Darmo Golf as a blank slate where I could create something special out of nothig, and where my ideas for hole designs were not limited."

    "We created a lot of variety throughout the course to give the members a different experience each hole. We created a number of lakes, mounding, exotic landscaping, and land features, all of which add to the aesthetic beauty of the course. One of the most unique features is the aqua range we included. I designed the course with multiple tees on each hole to accommodate players at all levels. I also like to take the golfer through different emotions when he or she plays the course. I like to test their skills and course management, but above all, I like them to have fun when they play my course."

    "Bukit Darmo is a championship course and a members course all in one. And I think it is both challenging and enjoyable to golfers of all skill levels. I hope the members enjoy the golf course and the private, country club experience. My personal congratulations go to the club on hosting their first professional tournament in 1996. " - Jack Nicklaus II


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