Nicklaus Design Facts

Courses Open for Play: approx. 380

Courses Designed by Jack: 290

Countries Represented: 36

Courses on Tour: 103

Championships Staged: 764

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Computer Technology & 3-D Modeling

Nicklaus Design Step-by-Step

T2 Green's "photo merge" capabilities provide clients a 3-D glimpse of their future course, such as this model for Ute Lake Ranch in Logan, New Mexico.

Nicklaus Design utilizes the cutting-edge, proprietary golf course design software T2Green International, which places every course design feature from tees, greens and fairways to cart paths, basins, bunkers and lakes into digital CAD files. With the information provided in each course plan, Nicklaus Design has the ability to produce a cost estimate for every project.

Additional assistance to course designers and owners is provided by digitally produced earth-work calculations that indicate when a course site is in balance (when the amount of dirt removed equals the amount of dirt to be added to the site). This allows Nicklaus Design to avoid bringing in unnecessary dirt, keeping the construction costs down for owners and developers.

Once the course designer provides a strategy plan, Nicklaus Design has the ability to produce photo-realistic renderings before any construction begins or dirt is even moved on the project site. Providing accurate digital views of the golf course provides a reliable reference in construction, while adding value for a project's sales and marketing team, and creating future real estate opportunities and membership sales. Nicklaus Design's exclusive T2Green software creates cost-reduction possibilities, adds value in the construction and pre-construction phase of a project and speeds the process of plan production.


Virtual Reality Progression

  • Original site photo of Paradise Ranch in Grant's Pass, Oregon.
  • Proposed contours and existing topography draped on photograph.
  • Native areas begin to take shape as grasslines are proposed.
  • Finished 3-D model of proposed hole design at Paradise Ranch.


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