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Course Overview

Great Northern, located in the Central Denmark town of Kerteminde, opened for play in July 2017 to become Nicklaus Design's first golf course in Denmark.

Great Northern is setting out to host some of the largest international tournaments, while also creating an open and dynamic clubhouse community. The hallmarks of Denmark's newest golf course are that it is challenging for the most skilled golfers, inviting and playable for the less-experienced, and fun for everyone. The layout is locally anchored but it has great international potential, welcoming keen golfers from near and far.

The special aspects of this course are the relative positions of the holes; the rhythm of the game; the open spaces that still give the sense of small enclosed areas; and especially the high quality, in general. The Nicklaus Design team took great care in maximizing the beautiful existing terrain and features. At the same time, they took into account the significant winds that become a factor with golf in that region and can change the personality and playability of the course on a daily basis.

There is plenty of ‘drama' to enjoy at the higher section of the golf course around the hill, where you can see the sea. The lower section is set within the wetlands and we created water features that are spectacular to look at and that add a level of joy to the golf experience. Attention to detail was second to none throughout the whole project. The end result of that commitment is truly spectacular and sets the course apart from others.

In addition to the 18-hole golf course, open to members and daily-fee players, Great Northern also has a training course, a 9-hole course, a restaurant, and 15 hotel rooms. Later, a spa and wellness center will be added to the property's amenities. For more information on Great Northern, visit


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