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Luis Correia
Piauí Brazil

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    Course Overview

    The company Delta do Parnaiba Empreendimentos, Turismo e Incorporações S/A, created in 2005, owns a 189 hectare area in Luis Correia, on the northeastern coast of Brazil, at an 18 km distance from Parnaiba’s International Airport and a 30 km distance from the Delta do Parnaiba, the second largest sweet water river delta in the world, with more than 70 islands in an extension of 270,000 hectares, equivalent to 45 times the size of Manhattan.

    In that area, a luxury resort of a quality yet unknown in most of the country is going to be soon developed.

    The site’s unique landscape, with 2.3 km of white sandy beaches in which different nautical sports may be practiced (just to name an example, one of the trials of the Kite-surf World Championship is held on those waters), petrified dunes, masses of palm trees, etc., sets the perfect scenery for the development for a touristic complex of international interest.


    The resort’s name, Kuaradé, comes from the language of an ancient Indian tribe, the Xipaias, that used to occupy the land some centuries ago. It means “sun” and relates to the location’s spectacular weather conditions, given that it has an average of 300 sunny days per year and the temperature oscillates between 21 and 31 º C all year through.

    This resort will include a Nicklaus Design 18-hole links golf course, three high-class hotels and various types of residential units (going from spacious villas to cozy apartments), all within high quality standards and with access to a wide range of services, such as sporting facilities (with tennis courts, etc.), a commercial area including shops, bars and restaurants, a beach house in which, among other things, equipment will be available for the practice of different nautical sports, etc.

    The overall design of the project will be executed by De Fournier Developers, a company with a vast international experience. The work of Delta do Parnaiba, along with that of both Nicklaus Design and De Fournier, combined with the location’s beautiful landscape, great climate and proximity within South America to both Europe and the United States will make Kuaradé a tourism point of reference worldwide.


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