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May 29, 2013

Lost Tree Club wins second place in Golf Inc.'s Clubhouse of the Year

For Lost Tree, it was out with the old and in with the new — in a major way. The former clubhouse, at 50 years old, simply couldn’t accommodate the members and their families any longer. So the club decided to take a bold approach and replace the former clubhouse, which was made up of five separate buildings, with one new building. The move offered a number of advantages.

The clubhouse footprint was reduced even though a host of new amenities were added. That, in turn, opened up more parking — 27 spaces.

Win, win and win.

Located in North Palm Beach, Fla., the clubhouse was designed with an classic island look, meant to blend in with the homes in the neighborhood. To keep scale with the surrounding homes, the lower (street) level of the clubhouse is concealed behind a berm. That makes the new clubhouse appear as one story “home on the hill,” according to the club. And by lowering the side wings and connecting them to the center structure of the clubhouse, it reduces the mass of the building.

Meanwhile, the main level was raised 6 feet to provide better views. The dining areas now have adjacent covered patios with seating overlooking the golf course.

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