Jack Nicklaus Golf Tip: Putt Like a Piston


Illustration by Jim McQueen

To me, the putting stroke is basically a right-handed action. I swing the putter back with my right hand, and I swing it through the ball with my right hand. All my left hand does is serve as a guide to steady and stabilize the stroke.

Visualizing my right forearm working like a piston is an image that helps me in using my right hand correctly throughout the stroke.

To “see,” set up for, then sense the pistonlike motion, I need to bend far enough over the ball to position my right forearm horizontal to the ground, or fairly close to that alignment. The set-up also requires positioning the palm of my right hand so that it looks squarely at the starting line of the putt. The feeling I then seek during the stroke is simply one of my right forearm pulling back and pushing through like a piston.

If you’re not putting as well as you like, try this piston “picture” and motion.

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