Jack Nicklaus Golf Tip: Make Your Arc Wide, Wide, Wide.


The bigger the arc the clubhead travels during the swing—assuming, of course, that its passage is well controlled—the farther the ball flies.

For me, creating a large arc has always depended on extending the clubhead fully away from my body in the first part of the backswing, then extending it fully again as it “chases” the ball after impact.

Among the best images I’ve come up with for doing both was one that helped me win a fourth U.S. Open at Baltusrol in 1980. Swinging back, I visualized my arms moving as far away from my body as they would go without my head accompanying them. Swinging through, I pictured them extending as far toward the target as they would reach without any forward head movement. I’ve rarely hit the ball longer with less sense of effort.

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