Jack Nicklaus Golf Tip: Restore the Radius for Proper ‘Release’


Illustration by Jim McQueen

The Q and A sessions at my clinics indicate many golfers have a poor understanding of the downswing action denoted by the word “release.”

Here are a couple of images that have helped me a lot over the years and should clear up the mystery.

Imagine yourself standing at address inside a circle centered at the extremity of your left shoulder and passing through the middle of the ball. Your left arm and the club’s shaft form a radius of that circle. When they return to exactly the same relationship at impact—when, so to speak, you fully “restore the radius”— you are releasing correctly and completely.

Here’s an even simpler aid to a proper release: Visualize extending the clubhead at impact as far away from you as it can possibly go. Just make sure you retain the body angles established by your address posture.

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