Jack Nicklaus Golf Tip: Think ‘Deep’ to Fight ‘Steep’


Illustration by Jim McQueen

Determined to avoid a repetition after playing poorly in 1979, I spent much of the early part of 1980 working on a full-swing change that both my teacher, Jack Grout, and I had decided was overdue.

Always favoring an upright plane, I had allowed my shoulder turn and arm swing to become excessively steep, to the point of losing both power and accuracy.

The mind-pictures that eventually got my shoulders turning more and tilting less, and my arms swinging less upward and farther behind me, derived from the word “deep.”

“Deep” continues to help me, both in practice and, when added to a “complete-the-backswing” thought, during competition.

Try thinking “deep” if you’re having difficulty applying the club solidly to the back of the ball on a regular basis.

Next week’s topic: Use Mind-Pictures to Cultivate Draw.