Jack Nicklaus Golf Tip: Move the Ball Back to Beat Pulling


Illustration by Jim McQueen

The pulled shot is one of a few poor shots that feel pretty solid. With the pull, the clubface is square to an out-to-in swing path at impact, resulting in a straight ball flight left of the target (for right-handed golfers).

Since the ball doesn’t curve, as it does with a hook or a slice, it might not look too bad either. The problem is it ends up way left of your target.

Since the pull results from an out-to-in swing path, it can often be attributed to positioning the ball too far forward in the stance at address. This being the case, the clubhead is already moving inside the target line when it reaches impact. Make sure you set up with the ball no farther forward than the inside of your left heel. If you continue to fight the pull, try moving the ball back little by little until your ball flight straightens out.

Keep in mind also that swinging the clubhead out toward the target after impact and completing the follow-through with your hands high will reduce the risk of pulling.

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