Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, completes his first book, “I Feel Your Pain.” - Nicklaus Companies

Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, completes his first book, “I Feel Your Pain.”

Let's Make Golf UncomplicatedGolfWeek’s Editor calls it “among the best instructional books I’ve seen in my career.”
Mike Malaska, a PGA Teacher of the Year winner and current Worldwide Director of Jack Nicklaus Golf Academies, delivers a new way of truly effective, truly uncomplicated golf instruction in his first book, I Feel Your Pain.
In it, Malaska explains the swing and the game with complete clarity that will stick with golfers at any skill level and lead to long-lasting improvement.

Jack Nicklaus, in the book’s foreword, describes Malaska as a teacher great at putting you “at ease with what can be a stressful process.  He takes the ‘technical’ out of ‘technique.’”
Delivered with simple, easy-to-follow examples, photographs and insights about the game, I Feel Your Pain goes beyond “fixes” that don’t last and often just add confusion.

Instead, Malaska details a clear mindset and mental picture of how great performance happens; what’s really going on during your swing (you’ll be surprised at how simple it really is); and how you can immediately use your natural inner athlete to make it happen in your game.

Make this your best season ever.  The book is available online at malaskagolf.com and on Amazon. An e-book is also available. It’s the perfect companion for golfers of all kinds, and the perfect gift for those wanting a way to improve their golf game in ways that add enjoyment and remove the confusion and frustration.

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