Unique “Art of Nicklaus” collection celebrates the hands that hold a record 18 major championships

The Art of Nicklaus collection was unveiled this month in an exclusive spread by Golf Digest in its February issue.
The Art of Nicklaus collection was unveiled this month in an exclusive spread by Golf Digest in its February issue.

The Art of Nicklaus is a rare collection of artwork created for and by Jack Nicklaus to celebrate an unparalleled career highlighted by a record 18 professional major championship victories amassed over a quarter-century of excellence. Consisting of 22 original pieces, the collection features original handprints from Nicklaus done in gold and various colors to pay tribute to the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship. This includes 18 one-of-a-kind pieces to commemorate each major won by the Golden Bear, and these were crafted in paint that contained 22-karat gold leaf.
The Art of Nicklaus collection was unveiled in an exclusive spread by Golf Digest in its February issue.
All original works and limited-edition prints within the collection have been printed on acid-free, 100-year archival parchment.  Limited-edition signed prints are clearly numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an official Nicklaus Brands hologram to guarantee the authenticity of each piece. Each piece in the collection is supported by a series of limited-edition signed and unsigned prints—the numbers of which are linked to the year or overall score in the major championship won.
An international tour of the Art of Nicklaus will take place throughout 2014.
The following was created by Jack Nicklaus to aptly describe his personal sentiment and involvement in the project:

“My hands are the catalyst to everything I hold dear in my world.  In the game I love, they are my link to the tools of my trade.  My hands represent my connection to the game of golf.  The same hands that held a driver or putter in championship play are the same hands that held my wife Barbara’s hand as we walked down the aisle more than 50 years ago, and held for the first time each of my five children and 22 grandchildren.  They are the same hands that have developed relationships and closed business deals yet hopefully have remained always open to charity. They are my conduit to life.”

Andrew Drysdale, Publisher for Crowning Moments Incorporated, said, “With the creation of these original and distinctive artworks by Jack Nicklaus, art lovers and fans alike have an opportunity to own an art piece as unique as each one of Jack Nicklaus’ 18 professional major championship victories.”
To learn more about the Art of Nicklaus or to inquire about hosting an Art of Nicklaus exhibition, please visit artofnicklaus.com or contact Andrew Douglas at .


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