Nicklaus Design Facts

Courses Open for Play: More than 410

Courses Designed by Jack: 300

Countries Represented: 41

Courses on Tour: 142

Championships Staged: Close to 900

  • Banyan Cay site visit
  • New ‘Nicklaus Nine’ opens at American Lake Veterans Golf Course
  • La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach
  • Bear’s Paw restoration
  • The Club at Ibis unveils new clubhouse
  • The Club at Ibis unveils new clubhouse


  • St. Andrew
  • The Concession Overview
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea-Hole 18 video flyover by Perfect Parallel
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea-Hole 13 video flyover by Perfect Parallel
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea-Hole 9 video flyover by Perfect Parallel
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea-Hole 1 video flyover by Perfect Parallel


Clubhouse Design and Operations

Bears Club

Working in concert with strategic partners, in association with Nicklaus Design, we can provide the following services with respect to programming and operating for the clubhouse and other recreational facilities to be made available:

  1. Review and analyze proposed recreational facilities program.
  2. Review and critique preliminary clubhouse design elements, lay-out and operational flow.
  3. Ongoing written recommendations concerning design and programming of the clubhouse and other facilities planned for the Project.
  4. Assist with developing a budget for proposed club program and operations. Adjust appropriately as design evolves.
  5. Assist in compiling a list of clubs whose clubhouse and related recreational facilities reflect the vision of the development team as it relates to the Project.
  6. Arrange for site visits to clubs.
  7. Participate in site visits with members of the development team for the purpose of applying a knowledge base to the final design for the clubhouse at the Project.
  8. Develop Management Chart and Staffing Plan.
  9. Assist in developing Job Descriptions, Department Operating Systems and Plans, and Training Manuals to meet the Nicklaus quality and brand.
  10. For existing operational clubs, review in detail club operations and make appropriate written recommendations from an operational efficiencies, quality, service and financial prospective.
  11. Tailor a specific consulting plan for each club, both pre-opening or operational.

Bears Club

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