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*** We are in the process of updating the app to be compatible with iOS7.  The revision will be pushed to your phone via an app update.  Thank you for your patience.  ***

Thank you for your interest in the Golf My Way iPhone Application. Here are some FAQs on the Application:

buy-appQ: How many lessons does this application contain?
A: The application has 26 lessons re-mastered and optimized for the iPhone.

Q: Why does the application take so long to download?
A: In an effort to maintain the quality and integrity of the original content, we did not want to dramatically compress the video to reduce download time. Also, it was the desire to deliver to consumers the entire Golf My Way instructional series of 26 lessons.

Q: Where can I buy the DVD?
A: You can purchase the two-disc, digitally re-mastered Golf My Way DVD exclusively at

Q: Are there any more iPhone apps coming with Jack?
A: Yes, we are developing for the iPhone other applications involving Jack Nicklaus.

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