executive chairman

Howard Milstein

In 2007, Jack Nicklaus selected Howard Milstein to help institutionalize and grow the Nicklaus business. Howard was a fan of Nicklaus and was intrigued by the opportunity to grow a brand already synonymous with integrity, high standards, and performance. Jack summed up the partnership with Howard best when he said: “If you want to have a successful business, partner with Howard Milstein.” Howard said about Jack: “He could do half of what he’s doing, and it still would be much more than most people.” He further added, “The essence of the man is that he loves to compete and always demanded the best.”

Howard Milstein is Executive Chairman of the Nicklaus Companies. Outside of his leadership of the Nicklaus Companies, Howard is Chairman, President, and CEO of New York Private Bank & Trust and its operating bank, Emigrant Bank, the country’s largest family-run, private bank.

In addition, Howard chairs and operates the Milstein family’s real estate companies. Howard owns and leads a number of successful entrepreneurial businesses across a broad range of sectors: real estate, banking, hotels, marketing, finance, technology and other ventures.

Serving on the Board of the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, Howard’s philanthropic interests and activities include medical research and healthcare delivery, higher education, cultural institutions, communal giving, and disaster relief. Howard serves as the Chairman of the New York State Thruway Authority.